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Are your investments giving you whiplash?

What is risk-based investing?

Risk-based investing aligns your personal risk tolerance with the investment risk in your portfolio. Using interactive software, you can pinpoint your exact risk tolerance in minutes. Then you can build a portfolio that is custom-fitted for you! 

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Dean Barda CFP® 

Dean holds his Bachelor's Degree in Finance with a focus in Financial Planning from California State University, Sacramento and has earned the marks of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  He specializes in comprehensive financial planning and strategic investment management. Operating as a fiduciary for his clients, he primarily works on a fee-basis.

Dean uses modern financial planning methods to effectively improve the financial situation of his clients. Skilled in investment management, he designs and manages active investment portfolios. Being an active member in the community, Dean volunteers financial planning and advice to local non-profits to ensure their long-term sustainability. He also serves on the board for several community groups and organizations. Raised in Nevada County, Dean currently resides in Nevada City, California. When not in the office, he spends most of his free time enjoying the outdoors.