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Apple and Associates was founded in March of 2000 by Daniel B. Apple CFP®, who has been proudly serving the Northern California area since 1984. We are headquartered in Grass Valley, CA.

The Fiduciary Standard

The Fiduciary Standard

In the modern financial services industry, the lines between sound financial advice and commission-based product sales are often blurred. It can be difficult to determine if an advisor is truly operating as a fiduciary or if they are just using the "suitability standard". At Apple & Associates, we strictly adhere to the fiduciary standard. That means we will always put the needs of the client first. We have designed our compensation structure to align with your goals and objectives by relying primarily on fee-based compensation. If there is ever a potential conflict of interest, such as commission-based products, we ensure that you are aware of it. 

Comprehensive Service

Apple and Associates strives to meet the needs of their clients in a holistic manner. To accomplish this, we have created strategic alliances with local professionals that are aligned with our company values. Additionally, we often collaborate with your existing tax and estate advisors to ensure that there are no gaps in communication across the board. This allows Apple and Associates to deliver a comprehensive, client-centered wealth management experience.

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Want to see if we are a good fit for you?

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