Estate Planning

You spend your lifetime accumulating assets with the hopes that what is left will leave a legacy for your descendants after you are gone. Proper estate planning will ensure that your assets will transfer to your heirs in the most efficient way possible.

Avoid Probate Fees

Probate is the legal process of distributing the assets of a deceased person. The fees associated with this can add up quickly if the proper documentation isn't in place.

Estate tax


If your estate exceeds the pre-determined exemption by the IRS, it may be subject to estate tax prior to passing to your heirs.

Capital Gains/Income Taxes


By understanding how your financial assets will pass to your heirs, you can strategically position your accounts to pass in the most tax-advantageous way.

Apple & Associates does not employ an estate planning attorney and cannot give legal advice. Our advisers are trained to look for potential estate planning concerns and to assist our clients in the proper designation of their beneficiaries. When the need arises, we do have a network of estate planning attorneys that are available to assist our clients.

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