Tax Mitigation 

No one wants to pay more than their fair share of taxes. When you are structuring your overall financial plan, it is important that tax implications are considered.

Retirement Income Tax


Are you structuring your retirement in a way that will be the most tax advantageous to you?

Current Income Tax


Do your investments add to your current tax burden? 


By utilizing the proper retirement accounts, you may be able to substantially lower your tax burden from your investments. 

Capital Gains Tax


Are you minimizing your exposure to capital gains tax?


By implementing a portfolio of tax-efficient investments, you can reduce the "tax drag" on your investment portfolio that eats away at your returns.

Apple & Associates does not employ any tax professionals and cannot give tax advice. However, we do help our clients to structure their portfolios in a way that accounts for different tax situations. When the situation calls for it, we have a network of tax professionals that are available to assist our client's tax needs.

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