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Whether you are 30 years from retirement or 10 years into it, we can help you develop a comprehensive plan that will guide you to your goals. Using innovative technology, we stress test your plan using Monte Carlo simulations that can give you an exact likelihood of you meeting your goals.

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning


Proper estate planning will help you align your assets to ensure they pass to your heirs in the most efficient way possible. Apple and Associates leverages a comprehensive team that can assist you with the proper planning of your estate, regardless of the size. 

Risk Management

All plans look great until they get hit by an unexpected, life-changing event. Our planners are proficient in identifying potential risks to your long-term success and taking steps to mitigate them.

College Planning

Do you want to ensure that your children, grandchildren, or a child that you love have the funds they need for higher education? Let us show you the most efficient way to accomplish that using our in-depth college planning tools. 

Investment Management

Consider the big picture, are all of your assets fully diversified? We don't take a cookie-cutter approach to allocate your investments. For over 35 years, our principal has helped clients develop and manage individually tailored investment portfolios based on their risk tolerance and goals. 

Tax Mitigation Strategies

Taxes are inevitable, but no one wants to pay more than they are required to. Understanding the benefits of tax-advantaged investing and the tax implications that decisions have is key to proper planning. Our comprehensive team can ensure proper decisions are made to mitigate your tax burden.